Revisiting Classroom Tracking

Something I actually really enjoy is coming up with new ways to track different things in our classroom. Whether thats behavior, sight words, AR points, math facts fluency, reading levels, writing levels, how high you can count, etc, I think it’s a fun and useful way to keep you aware of where your kids are and keep kids in the know of how much they need to grow. Here are some examples of trackers we use around our classroom.

This is my writing tracker- each student has a book with their name on it attached to a clothes pin. Every month they do a writing sample to see if they’ve grown a level.


This is my sight word tracker. I try to go through sight words with students every two weeks. Each star is equal to 10 sight words.


I keep my sight words in this box and use a post it to keep up with how many each child knows throughout the week.

IMG_0441     IMG_0442

This is our AR point tracker. Every time a student gets a point they can come color in a square until they reach their goal


Here is our behavior tracker- at the end of the day, if students are on dark green or silver, I put a sticker next to their name. If they have four stickers on friday, they get some thing out of the big fun treasure box. (PS i do a prize box every day too)


Here is our jobs tracker, this helps so I can look at who has a job this week and so everyone gets a turn to do every job.


Here is our reading a-z tracker. Our school is doing a pirate theme this year so we made the trackers boats.


Once a month we go through the writing process. This tracker lets me keep up with who is on what stage.


I like to use fun post it notes for all my groups. This way when people move up or down a group, I can just move their post it note!


Here is the same thing in a very visible spot for how we get home. This is useful for substitutes as well!


This is a cute activity I found to help reinforce sight words- students have to say the sight words before they enter the room.


Hope those gave you some ideas on how you can do public trackers in your room!


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